Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Avoiding Hard Feelings In Your Estate Plan

You've prepared a will and a trust agreement and signed the papers, so what's missing? From a legal perspective, nothing - but what will those documents say to your family? Take time to consider the message that your estate documents will send. If the message is incomplete, consider some additional options.

The full article was written by Stotis & Baird Attorney Eric Parker for the Chicago Bridge Group. To view the full article, visit

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Understanding "Buy In" Deals at Assisted Living Facilities

Andrea Donovan is a "Senior Living Advisor" who sometimes helps our clients to locate the right assisted living facility or nursing home. In this tough economy, facilities are offering a wide variety of complex deals to help seniors to move into their building. Sorting through these deals and figuring out a) which deals are really a deal and b) what can be negotiated - can be quite complicated. This article that Andrea wrote really highlights why you need good advice on this topic.

You might also check out another article she wrote which outlines the general types of contracts that are being offered:

Hope that you find these helpful.