Monday, November 1, 2010

Somerset Place Fined by State for Violations

Somerset Place
5009 North Sheridan, Chicago IL 60640
Fined- February 9, 2009
Somerset Place was fined a total of $25,000 for several different types of violations.
The facility failed to have a plan of action or intervention for resident to resident abuse- as a result the number of incidents in the facility was found to be high, and several documented incidents of resolving conflict were fairly violent. In September of 2008, there were a total of 44 documented altercations between residents.
One resident with suicidal thoughts was not monitored, and was found (alive and unharmed) with a shoelace tied to the bathtub faucet and around his neck.
Residents have the right to be fully informed about changes in their treatment- however, in a sampling of 30 residents, 5 were shown to have been given psychotropic medications without giving consent themselves or having had a guardian give consent. For some residents, this included up to three medicines at a time.
In addition, the facility disregarded regulations prescribing residents’ right to timely mail delivery, access to personal financial information, and access to the facility’s latest evaluation. Residents’ rooms were entered without permission and they were found to be wearing torn clothing. The facility appeared to not be kept up- for example, many of the rooms were dirty and cluttered; the bathrooms were moldy, dirty, and smelled of urine; clean, adequate clothing storage was not provided to every resident; garbage was uncollected and filled to the brim in several rooms.