Thursday, September 17, 2009

McAllister Nursing Home Cited for Failing to Protect Residents from Abuse

Tinley Park

McAllister Nursing Home
18300 S Lavergne Ave, Tinley Park
Fined- February 19, 2008
McAllister Nursing Home was fined $10,000 for failure to protect residents and ensure they are free from abuse.
Acting against policy, the facility failed to ensure that allegations of abuse and injuries of unknown origin are investigated. Administrators also failed to remove employees accused of abuse from resident contact pending the outcome of an abuse investigation.
In one incident, a resident identified as having no memory recall difficulties stated that a nursing assistant had kicked him in the knee. According to the resident, three nursing assistants as well as the Director of Admissions for the facility were present at the time. Despite the resident’s requests for help, staff directed him to report his complaint to the Nursing Supervisor. The accused nursing assistants remained at the facility in the interim, as well as after an investigation was launched.
In another incident, a resident’s leg became caught between the footboard and the mattress. Despite the resident’s screams for help, nurses did not come to the resident’s aid until a surveyor at the facility prompted them. Upon examination, the resident’s knee appeared swollen. No documentation was made of the incident, and staff later confirmed that no abuse investigation had been initiated.

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