Thursday, June 4, 2009

Imperial of Hazel Crest Violates State Standards for Treatment of Bed Sores

Imperial of Hazel Crest
3300 West 176th Street, Hazel Crest
Fined- March 28, 2008
Imperial of Hazel Crest was fined $30,000 for failure to follow through on facility policy regarding prevention of and treatment for pressure sores.
Three residents at the facility displayed symptoms of neglect upon investigation. Surveyors determined that the facility failed to identify and assess each pressure sore that developed on these residents, and did not obtain a physician’s order for treatment of newly developed pressure sores. Staff also neglected to provide treatments and notify a physician when a resident’s pressure sore did not improve or respond to treatment within two weeks.
One of the residents developed a stage two pressure sore that was treated by facility staff without an order from the physician. The other two residents both required immediate hospitalization for treatment of pressure sores so developed that there was possible bone involvement.

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