Friday, June 19, 2009

Hampton Plaza Fined for Allowing Fire to Occur

Hampton Plaza Nursing and Rehab Center
9777 Greenwood, Niles
Fined- August 15, 2008
Hampton Plaza Nursing and Rehab Center was fined $150,000 for failure to effectively implement and follow their policy and procedure regarding smoking and failure to properly train all staff in emergency preparedness.
On May14, 2008, a fire broke out in the facility. The fire was attributed to the unsupervised smoking habits of a resident who was identified as a risk while smoking. The fire began in that resident’s room and resulted in the deaths of the resident and his roommate.
Staff was not immediately alerted to the fire, as the facility did not have properly installed battery-operated smoke detectors and had not maintained the existing smoke detectors. The facility had not conducted fire drills as required, and so once aware, staff did not follow appropriate procedure for securing the safety of residents.

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