Friday, April 3, 2009

Woodbridge Nursing Fined for Failure to Provide Emergency Power to Patients Including Those on Oxygen

Woodbridge Nursing Pavilion
2242 North Kedzie, Chicago
Fined- July 24, 2008
Woodbridge Nursing Pavilion was fined $5,000 for failure to supply emergency electrical power when the general supply was off in the area.
This failure resulted in a forty minute delay in obtaining emergency electrical power to the facility, thus placing all residents in the facility at risk for harm due to the lack of emergency power. The emergency generator did not start, and the facility was observed without any lighting, including exit signs, emergency outlets, and stairwell lighting. Flash lights were found in the basement and provided the only light during the blackout. Three residents needing, respectively, oxygen concentrators, tube feedings, and suction machines required emergency services and hospitalization.

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