Friday, April 3, 2009

St. Agnnes Healtchare Fined for Failure to Give Oxygen and Antibiotics in a Timely Manner

St. Agnes Healthcare and Rehab Center
1725 South Wabash, Chicago
Fined- June 13, 2008
St. Agnes Healthcare and Rehab Center was fined $20,000 for failure to apply appropriate and timely medical care to residents.
Upon investigation, surveyors determined that on a number of occasions, residents did not receive proper medical care. On several occasions, residents in respiratory distress were not given oxygen in a timely manner. Seven other residents who were diagnosed with resistant infections did not receive consistent treatment and nurses did not maintain clinical tracking records for the treatment residents did receive. Of those residents, three were transferred to acute hospital care and another one died from delay and inconsistency with antibiotic treatments.
In addition, surveyors noted that crash carts were not properly supplied and that nurses who were not trained or qualified to do so were changing levels of respiratory ventilators. The facility also failed to provide licensed nursing staff with annual in-service training about policy for dealing with emergency situations.

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