Friday, April 10, 2009

Lexington of Chicago Ridge Fined for Poor Treatment

Lexington of Chicago Ridge
10300 Southwest Highway, Chicago Ridge
Fined- May 15, 2008
Lexington of Chicago Ridge was fined $30,000 for failure to provide adequate nursing care.
In one incident, a resident with a diagnosis of chronic constipation was not properly monitored. Staff failed to notice changes in the resident’s condition or to report those changes to a physician- as a result, the resident was sent to the hospital with abdominal distension and fecal impaction.
In another incident, staff failed to provide appropriate preventive measures for pressure ulcers and then failed to notice when a resident developed pressure ulcers. The ulcers continued to decline, but staff failed to asses the resident’s pain and did not obtain or administer medications to the resident.

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