Wednesday, April 29, 2009

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Ridgeland Nursing in Palos Heights Fined for Failing to Address Fall Risks

Ridgeland Nursing and Rehab Center
12550 South Ridgeland Avenue, Palos Heights
Fined- April 15, 2008
Ridgeland Nursing and Rehab Center was fined $20,000 for failure to provide appropriate supervision for residents who had been identified with a fall risk.
Facility staff failed to evaluate the effectiveness of interventions for fall and injury prevention, consistently track falls, or thoroughly investigate each fall incident. These failures resulted in the following injuries sustained by residents: two ankle fractures, a finger fracture, a spinal fracture, a clavicle fracture, and numerous head lacerations.

Rest Haven Resident Asphyxiated In Bed Rails Incident

Palos Heights
Rest Haven Central
13259 South Central Road, Paols Heights
Fined- August 15, 2008
Rest Haven Central was fined $20,000 for failure to supervise, assess, and monitor a resident who had been identified as high risk for falls.
The resident had demonstrated extreme agitation, particularly after nightfall. Facility staff failed to re-assess the continued need for side rails after implementation of a low bed, bed alarm, and mattress pad on the resident’s floor. As a result, the resident got her head trapped in the side rail and was asphyxiated.

Oak Park Healthcare Center Fined for Failure to Monitor Wandering Resident

Oak Park Healthcare Center
625 North Harlem, Oak Park
Fined- June 4, 2008
Oak Park Healthcare Center was fined $10,000 for failure to monitor a resident who was identified as a wanderer and had a history of falls.
In February of 2008, the resident managed to elope from the facility undetected. Conditions outside were cold and icy; the resident fell and was injured badly enough to require hospital emergency room admission.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Lexington of Orland Park Fined for Failing to Provide Oxygen to Resident

Orland Park

Lexington of Orland Park
14601 South John Humphrey Drive, Orland Park
Fined- September 11, 2008
Lexington of Orland Park was fined $20,000 for failure to ensure that a resident who required continuous oxygen received it.
Despite a physician’s order that a resident receive continuous oxygen, facility staff sent the resident to a clinic appointment without oxygen. When the transport reached the clinic, the resident was found slumped over in his wheelchair and unresponsive. He was rushed to the emergency room where he coded and was subsequently revived. He died the following day.

Regal Health of Oak Lawn Fined for Bed Sores Resulting in Injury and Death

Regal Health and Rehab Center
9525 South Mayfield, Oak Lawn
Fined- March 24, 2008
Regal Health and Rehab Center was fined $30,000 for failure to follow through on facility policy regarding prevention of and treatment for pressure sores.
The failure was broad enough to be considered systemic. Based on observation, record review and staff interview, surveyors determined that the facility failed to identify new and recurrent pressure sores, failed to treat existing sores with current treatment orders, failed to provide preventative measures, failed to accurately asses and plan care for residents identified with or at risk for pressure sores, and failed to notify the physician of positive wound culture results.
Fined- September 2, 2008
Regal Health and Rehab Center was fined $100,000 for failure to address the Plan of Correction after the March 2008 violation.
As before, surveyors determined that the facility failed to accurately assess and document all pressure sores, failed to consult with a physician regarding sores, and failed to treat observed pressure sores.
As a result, one resident was hospitalized with uncontrollable bleeding from a pressure sore wound, and another resident developed 10 pressure sores during his time in the facility and was hospitalized with a diagnosis of sepsis. A third resident died from a pressure sore that led to sepsis. A fourth resident was admitted to the facility with no wounds. Within three months, she acquired four pressure sores that became worse until she was hospitalized with dehydration and failure to thrive.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Hampton Plaza Cited for Inadequate Smoke Detectors

Hampton Plaza Nursing and Rehab Center
9777 Greenwood, Niles
Fined- August 15, 2008
Hampton Plaza Nursing and Rehab Center was fined $150,000 for failure to effectively implement and follow their policy and procedure regarding smoking and failure to properly train all staff in emergency preparedness.
On May14, 2008, a fire broke out in the facility. The fire was attributed to the unsupervised smoking habits of a resident who was identified as a risk while smoking. The fire began in that resident’s room and resulted in the deaths of the resident and his roommate.
Staff was not immediately alerted to the fire, as the facility did not have properly installed battery-operated smoke detectors and had not maintained the existing smoke detectors. The facility had not conducted fire drills as required, and so once aware, staff did not follow appropriate procedure for securing the safety of residents.

Plaza Terrace in Midlothian Fails to Supervise Resident

Plaza Terrace
3249 West 147th Street, Midlothian
Fined- February 28, 2008
Plaza Terrace was fined $5,000 for failure to supervise a resident who was identified as an elopement risk.
Staff failed to adequately monitor the resident, who left the facility on foot in November of 2007 without the staff’s knowledge. She walked three to four miles into Hazel Crest and was picked up by Hazel Crest police. She was found knocking on homeowners’ doors, unable to identify the facility where she resides.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Imperial of Hazel Crest Fails to Provide Adequate Treatment of Bed Sores

Imperial of Hazel Crest
3300 West 176th Street, Hazel Crest
Fined- March 28, 2008
Imperial of Hazel Crest was fined $30,000 for failure to follow through on facility policy regarding prevention of and treatment for pressure sores.
Three residents at the facility displayed symptoms of neglect upon investigation. Surveyors determined that the facility failed to identify and assess each pressure sore that developed on these residents, and did not obtain a physician’s order for treatment of newly developed pressure sores. Staff also neglected to provide treatments and notify a physician when a resident’s pressure sore did not improve or respond to treatment within two weeks.
One of the residents developed a stage two pressure sore that was treated by facility staff without an order from the physician. The other two residents both required immediate hospitalization for treatment of pressure sores so developed that there was possible bone involvement.

Elmwood Care Nursing Home Cited for Failure to Monitor Suicidal Patient

Elmwood Park

Elmwood Care
7733 West Grand Avenue, Elmwood Park
Fined- September 2, 2008
Elmwood Care was fined $25,000 for failure to monitor a resident with suicidal tendencies.
Based on record review and interview, investigators determined that the facility failed to follow-up on a psychiatric consultation for a resident who had talked about feeling hopeless and suicidal. The consultation was ordered but not done. The day following the scheduled consultation, the resident was found to have broken the dialysis catheter located in his jugular vein. By the time he was found, he had already bled to death.

Lexington of Chicago Ridge Fined for Poor Treatment

Lexington of Chicago Ridge
10300 Southwest Highway, Chicago Ridge
Fined- May 15, 2008
Lexington of Chicago Ridge was fined $30,000 for failure to provide adequate nursing care.
In one incident, a resident with a diagnosis of chronic constipation was not properly monitored. Staff failed to notice changes in the resident’s condition or to report those changes to a physician- as a result, the resident was sent to the hospital with abdominal distension and fecal impaction.
In another incident, staff failed to provide appropriate preventive measures for pressure ulcers and then failed to notice when a resident developed pressure ulcers. The ulcers continued to decline, but staff failed to asses the resident’s pain and did not obtain or administer medications to the resident.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Woodbridge Nursing Fined for Failure to Provide Emergency Power to Patients Including Those on Oxygen

Woodbridge Nursing Pavilion
2242 North Kedzie, Chicago
Fined- July 24, 2008
Woodbridge Nursing Pavilion was fined $5,000 for failure to supply emergency electrical power when the general supply was off in the area.
This failure resulted in a forty minute delay in obtaining emergency electrical power to the facility, thus placing all residents in the facility at risk for harm due to the lack of emergency power. The emergency generator did not start, and the facility was observed without any lighting, including exit signs, emergency outlets, and stairwell lighting. Flash lights were found in the basement and provided the only light during the blackout. Three residents needing, respectively, oxygen concentrators, tube feedings, and suction machines required emergency services and hospitalization.

Warren Park Nursing Fined for Sending Wrong Patient for Bone Marrow Biopsy

Warren Park Nursing Pavilion
6700 North Damen Ave, Chicago
Fined- August 15, 2008
Warren Park Nursing Pavilion was fined $15,000 for failure to follow policy for sending a resident out of the facility for a medical procedure.
Surveyors determined that facility staff did not pay sufficient attention while responding to a physician’s orders, and sent the wrong resident out for a Bone Marrow Biopsy. The resident did not understand why he was being tested, and despite asking repeatedly, no one would answer his requests to understand what the test was and why he would be getting it. The mistake was not discovered until after the procedure had been performed. The resident returned to the facility in considerable pain. His confusion remained until surveyors in the facility were approached by the resident, who asked them to investigate.

St. Agnnes Healtchare Fined for Failure to Give Oxygen and Antibiotics in a Timely Manner

St. Agnes Healthcare and Rehab Center
1725 South Wabash, Chicago
Fined- June 13, 2008
St. Agnes Healthcare and Rehab Center was fined $20,000 for failure to apply appropriate and timely medical care to residents.
Upon investigation, surveyors determined that on a number of occasions, residents did not receive proper medical care. On several occasions, residents in respiratory distress were not given oxygen in a timely manner. Seven other residents who were diagnosed with resistant infections did not receive consistent treatment and nurses did not maintain clinical tracking records for the treatment residents did receive. Of those residents, three were transferred to acute hospital care and another one died from delay and inconsistency with antibiotic treatments.
In addition, surveyors noted that crash carts were not properly supplied and that nurses who were not trained or qualified to do so were changing levels of respiratory ventilators. The facility also failed to provide licensed nursing staff with annual in-service training about policy for dealing with emergency situations.