Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rainbow Beach Care Center Fails to Report Instances of Abuse and Monitor Patients

Rainbow Beach Care Center
7325 South Exchange, Chicago
Fined-August 15, 2008
Rainbow Beach Care Center was fined $10,000 for failure to report incidents or to initiate abuse investigations despite allegations of staff-to-resident physical abuse, resident-to-resident physical abuse and resident-to-resident sexual abuse.
In one incident, a resident reported that she had been raped by another resident. He had been accused of raping the woman previously, and policy forbade him from being on her floor. Facility staff were made aware of the incident, but there was no follow-up.
Another physical altercation between a staff member and a resident was not investigated at the time- later surveyors conducted interviews and found that each participant and every witness had a different recollection of what happened.
Other incidents lacked documentation, including one in which a resident claimed to have been raped, and several where different residents were found after having been assaulted by other residents.
Fined- September 30, 2008
Rainbow Beach Care Center was fined $10,000 for failure to ensure that a resident identified with poor community survival skills received adequate monitoring and supervision to prevent the resident from wandering away from the facility.
The resident had been identified as unfit to leave the facility on his own, but ran out of the building one day in March 2008. He did not return to the facility for 7 hours, and the facility could not provide any documentation that staff had made any attempts to locate him.
Staff did not reassess the resident’s elopement risk and a month later, the resident managed to elope from the facility again. Although documentation indicated that the resident’s family was told immediately, an outside agency tracking the resident’s treatment discovered that the family was not told for three days.
The resident was found weak and disoriented a month later and could not account for his time.

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