Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lakeview Nursing and Rehab Fined 60K for Failing to Prevent Falls

Lakeview Nursing and Rehab Center
735 West Diversy, Chicago
Fined- July 24, 2008
Lakeview Nursing and Rehab Center was fined $60,000 for failure to appropriately monitor residents who required supervision, note changes in condition which could have led to faster treatment, or implement courses of action to prevent further damage.
Between 4 am and 7:20 am, a resident at the facility suffered six falls, developed slurred speech, and was found with several medication vials, some without caps on them. No vital signs or assessments were documented for any of the incidents, and the resident was found at 7:20 am with no vital signs. Paramedics were called and the resident was declared dead twelve minutes later.
Two other residents were involved in incidents where care was delayed – one resident suffering from respiratory distress waited two hours to be sent to the hospital, and the other resident suffered a fractured leg that was not treated for two days.
In addition, the facility failed to address a rapid rise in falls among residents, resulting in multiple injuries. During the first five months of 2008, the facility reported between 19 and 27 falls per month. Despite being about to identify at-risk residents, the number of falls continued to escalate and a prevention plan was not implemented.

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