Monday, February 9, 2009

Woodbine Nursing Home Fined by Failing to Investigate Abuse Allegation

6909 W. North Ave. in Oak Park
FINED- November 4, 2003
Woodbine Nursing Home was fined $10,000 for failure
to report and investigate allegations of abuse by
staff members.
During an annual inspection, Department surveyors
learned the facility had information regarding abuse
of five residents by staff, but did not report this to
the Department or the residents' families and
physicians. In addition, the facility did not
thoroughly investigate the allegations and there was
no evidence corrective actions were taken.
One incident involved nursing staff forcing a
resident into the shower room. The resident, who was
terrified of shower rooms because of having been in
concentration camps during World War II, was
screaming, crying and trying to brace herself in the
doorway as she was pushed into the room.
Another incident occurred after a resident asked an
employee to change her gloves after providing personal
care to another resident. The employee removed the
gloves and then rubbed them on the resident's face.
In other instances, a resident complained a nurse
cursed at her and called her names and two residents
claimed to have sustained bruises after being
mishandled by staff.
The facility also failed to remove the employees
suspected of abuse from resident care as required by
state and federal regulations.
The Department-ordered plan of correction required the
facility to review its policy to ensure it reports all
allegations of abuse to the administrator and the
Department, and to fully investigate all reports of

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