Monday, February 16, 2009

Pershing Convalescent Fined for Excessive Patient Falls

Pershing Convalescent Home
3900 South Oak Park Avenue, Berwyn
Fined- February 25, 2008
Pershing Convalescent Home was fined $20,000 for failure to prevent and address falls among residents.
Three residents experienced numerous falls at the facility during the 2007 calendar year. In one three-month period alone, one resident had four unwitnessed falls resulting in injury. Her injuries included lacerations on her head and arm, bruises on her head, and a fractured nose.
Surveyors visiting the facility learned that in addition to not supervising residents who are prone to falls, the facility failed to have in place an effective fall program. Facility administrators lacked a list that identified residents at risk for falls, as well as updated assessments, care plans, interventions, and documentation of interventions tried.

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