Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Concord Extended Care of Oak Lawn Receives Second Fine for Allowing Patient to Wander

9401 S. Ridgeland Ave. in Oak Lawn.
FINED- January 29, 2004
The Illinois Department of Public Health has moved to
revoke the operating license of Concord Extended Care
and fined the facility $15,000 for failure to prevent
a resident from leaving the facility unsupervised.
The Department gave notice it intends to revoke
Concord's license as a result of the facility's
failure to implement an imposed plan of correction
ordered last year to ensure staff thoroughly search
all areas inside and outside the building when a
resident is missing.
Responding to a complaint, Department surveyors
learned a resident, who was wearing an electronic
monitoring device, was able to cross a busy street and
intersection before he was noticed by members of the
local fire department. Local police returned him to
the facility unharmed.
Although the resident had made repeated attempts to
leave the facility, staff did not revise his care plan
to address the behavior.
An employee heard an exit door alarm sound and
checked the area where the alarm was triggered, but
did not find anyone. The staff member then started a
headcount by checking a roster of residents instead of
first determining the location of residents equipped
with electronic monitoring devices who are prone to
wandering. While taking the headcount, the facility
received a call from the fire department notifying
them of the missing resident.
The administrator said that facility policy called
for the search outside the facility and the headcount
to be conducted at the same time.
Concord Extended Care had been fined $5,000 in
February 2003 for failing to prevent a resident from
leaving the facility unsupervised. The resident, who
had a history of wandering and wore an electronic
monitor, left the facility undetected and was found
uninjured about a half mile from the facility.
Following the incident, the facility was ordered to
ensure staff were aware that in order to locate a
missing resident all areas inside and outside the
building must be thoroughly searched.

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