Monday, February 2, 2009

Concord Extended Care of Oak Lawn Cited for Allowing Patient to Wander

9401 S. Ridgeland Ave. in Oak Lawn
FINED- 2003
Concord Extended Care was fined $5,000 for failure to
prevent a resident from leaving the facility.
As part of an incident investigation, Department
surveyors learned a resident, who had a history of
wandering and wore an electronic monitor, left the
facility undetected. The resident was found unharmed
about a half mile from the facility by an employee of
a neighboring long-term care facility.
The resident had made four previous attempts to leave
the facility, the last one occurring two days prior to
the elopement. Nursing staff told surveyors that the
resident, who was confused and anxious, had to be
watched frequently and monitored every two hours.
There was no evidence this was done.
Staff did not hear the resident's alarm sound when he
slipped out of the facility. Following the incident,
staff determined the resident left through one of two
back doors. One door had an audible alarm and the
other was equipped with a sensor to detect electronic
monitors. Maintenance was called to check the alarm
on one of the back doors, but failed to ensure that
all facility doors were functioning properly. During
the investigation, a surveyor observed the testing of
another facility door with an electronic sensor.
The alarm was only audible when standing near the
door. The Department-ordered plan of correction
required the facility to provide residents with
adequate supervision and to ensure all
resident-accessible exterior doors are equipped with
functional alarms or are monitored by constant visual

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