Monday, February 16, 2009

Blue Island Nursing Home Fined for Numerous Patient Care Issues

Blue Island Nursing Home
2427 West 127th Street, Blue Island
Fined- May 13, 2008
Blue Island Nursing Home was fined $10,000 for failure to meet a number of criteria for nursing homes set forth by the state.
In one incident, the guardian for a resident with dementia was prevented from accessing the resident’s personal funds, which were to be used for the resident’s healthcare.
In another incident, a resident with diabetes and a recent history of renal failure was not provided with the appropriate follow-up medical procedures; when procedures eventually were done, facility administrators did not report abnormal findings to the physician. The resident subsequently suffered from renal failure. In response to this episode, the facility was placed under Immediate Jeopardy. The ruling was lifted after the facility presented new policies to address communications between the physician’s office and the facility lab.
On investigation, surveyors also determined that the facility had no designated Abuse Prohibition Coordinator, and that two incidents of abuse (resident-resident and resident-staff) had never been investigated.
Surveyors also observed that established programming for the facility was not carried out- that despite posted times for activities, residents were left in their rooms or alone in common areas.
The facility was also penalized for: failure to maintain the cleanliness of the rooms, including floors, walls, ceilings, closets, and portable commodes; failure to follow physicians’ orders regarding appropriate dosage of medication, failure to monitor severe weight loss in residents, resident bedrooms that were too small, and failure to check on the competency requirements for 8 employees.

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