Friday, February 27, 2009

All Faith Pavilion Fails to Prevent Beating at Chicago Nursing Home

All Faith Pavilion
3500 South Giles Avenue, Chicago
Fined- July 24, 2008
All Faith Pavilion was fined $50,000 for failure to protect one resident from his roommate, a resident with violent tendencies.
In May of 2008, a resident was found in his bed, beaten so badly in the face and head by a clock radio that he suffered several strokes and has been in a coma ever since. Evidence clearly pointed to the resident’s roommate as the perpetrator of the attack, even though he did not remember having carried it out (he suffers from dementia).
From interviews and reports, investigators determined that facility nurses and staff had observed the resident’s roommate behaving violently for several weeks. Despite numerous occasions of the resident yelling and screaming at other residents while kicking doors and walls, staff only intervened once, by walking the resident outside and calming him down.

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