Thursday, February 19, 2009

Alden Village North Cited for Fracturing Patient's Leg During Poorly Executed Lift

Alden Village North
7464 North Sheridan Road, Chicago
Fined- July 17, 2008
Alden Village North was fined $20,000 from a number of incidents that stemmed from a consistent problem with being short-staffed.
In one incident, a resident’s leg was fractured during a poorly executed lift, where staff did not follow guidelines for proper lifting techniques. The staff member lifted the resident alone instead of lifting with another person as required.
During the ensuing investigation period, surveyors observed nine residents with considerable bed sores, the result of staff neither following procedures for regular turning, nor consistently filling out skin care reports.
In addition, emergency carts appeared inoperable. Checklists indicated that they had not been checked in months and they were not adequately stocked for emergency use.

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