Monday, January 19, 2009

Glen Bridge Nursing and Rehab Fails to Seek Timely Emergency Care for Resident

8333 W. Golf Road in Niles
FINED- November 14, 2001
Glen Bridge Nursing and Rehabilitation Centre WAS
fined $10,500 for failure to seek timely emergency
care for a resident with a head injury.
Responding to complaints, surveyors learned it took
nearly 2 hours from the time a resident was found with
a head injury until she arrived at the hospital for
After the resident emerged from a room with blood
dripping from the back of her head, an ambulance was
called. When informed the ambulance could not arrive
quickly, staff suggested it come within 30 minutes.
The ambulance, however, did not arrive for about an
hour. The resident’s condition worsened, but staff did
not arrange for immediate medical assistance.
A facility nurse left a message for the resident’s
physician, but the physician did not get the message
in a timely manner. The physician indicated 9-1-1
should have been called and he should have been paged.
Interviews with staff revealed the resident complained
of a headache, her eyes started to droop and she
became increasingly sleepy and lethargic.
When the resident was admitted to the hospital, she
was comatose and placed on life support. The family
withdrew life support the following day and the
resident died. According to the coroner’s report, the
resident died of a subdural hematoma due to blunt head
A Department-ordered plan of correction required the
facility to notify a resident’s physician in a timely
manner of any accident, injury or significant change
in condition; to have written policies and procedures
for medical emergencies and to ensure staff follows
them; and to record changes in a resident’s condition
in the resident’s medical record.

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