Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Alden Harvey Fined for Failing to Investigate and Report Sexual Assault of Resident


15600 S. Honore St. in Harvey
FINED- May 21, 2002
Alden Heather Rehabilitation and Health Care Center
was fined $10,000 for failure to properly investigate
or to report the sexual assault of a resident by
another resident.
Responding to a complaint, Department surveyors
learned the facility administrator, after being
informed a resident had sexually assaulted another
resident, instructed staff not to notify the
resident's physician or call police, as required by
the facility's abuse policy. The administrator also
told staff to write an incident report, but not to
include it in the residents' files.
According to staff interviews, the man led a
confused, non-verbal woman resident into his room and
barricaded the door with a night stand while he
assaulted her. Fifteen minutes prior to this incident,
an aide stopped the man from taking the same resident
into his room, redirected the woman back to her room,
which was about 50 feet away, and left her alone.
Family members contacted police about 18 hours after
the attack and asked facility staff to send the
resident to the hospital to be examined by a
physician. The resident's doctor told surveyors he was
notified when the woman was taken to the hospital, but
only told a male resident had been found in her room.
Following the assault, facility staff did not
re-evaluate the man's care plan or take steps to
protect other residents. The man was arrested for
rape, but his physician was not notified until about
12 hours after he was taken into custody.
A Department-ordered plan of correction required
facility administration to initiate a complete and
thorough investigation into allegations of abuse, to
notify the appropriate authorities of suspected abuse,
to conduct an immediate evaluation of the alleged
perpetrator and to protect its residents from harm.

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