Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Woodbridge Nursing Pavillion Fails to Monitor Suicidal Patient

2242 N. Kedzie in Chicago
FINED- February 22, 2002
Woodbridge Nursing Pavilion was fined $10,000 for
failure to provide appropriate nursing services and
supervision to a resident.
As part of an incident report investigation,
Department surveyors learned a mentally unstable
resident jumped from a fourth floor window and died
just 24 hours after he was admitted to the facility.
According to the resident's transfer records, he was
to receive constant supervision and medications for
his mental condition, but he did not receive any of
the prescribed drugs and was left alone.
Facility employees told surveyors they attempted to
contact the resident's physician to confirm his
medical orders, but the physician "did not respond" to
the calls.
Prior to the incident, the resident's behavior had
become increasingly agitated and he had threatened to
leave the facility. After the resident broke his
window with a dresser drawer, a staff member removed
the man from his room and left him unattended in the
hallway. Once alone, the resident ran into another
room and jumped out a window.
A Department-ordered plan of correction required the
facility to take all necessary precautions to ensure
the safety of its residents and to provide proper
supervision and personal care to meet the needs of its

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