Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Dolton Healthcare Centre Failed to Prevent Resident from Wandering

14325 S. Blackstone Ave. in Dolton.
FINED- June 9, 2004
Dolton Healthcare Centre was fined$5,000 for failure
to prevent a resident from leaving the facility
Responding to a complaint, Department surveyors
learned a resident wandered from the facility wearing
only pants, a T-shirt and socks. The ground was
covered in snow and the temperature was in the single
digits at the time.
The facility did not know the resident had left until
a motorist notified staff that she had seen the woman
walking toward an Interstate exit ramp.
Prior to this incident, the resident had made numerous
attempts to leave the facility and was able to get
away four times despite wearing an electronic
monitoring device and being assigned one-to-one
supervision. Following these events, the facility did
not reassess the resident's care plan or strategies to
keep the resident from wandering.
A Department-ordered plan of correction required the
facility to adequately supervise residents, and to
train staff on how to assess residents for their risk
of wandering and the appropriate interventions to
prevent residents from leaving the facility

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