Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Countryside Healthcare Center Fined for Allowing Unsupervised Patinent to Drown

1635 E. 154th St. in Dolton
FINED- November 15, 2001
Countryside Healthcare Center was fined$30,000 for
failure to supervise a resident, to provide nursing
services in accordance with resident needs and to
properly assess a resident’s condition.
Responding to complaints, Department surveyors
learned that a resident, who could not sit upright
without assistance, was left alone for three minutes
while taking her bath. Upon returning to the bathroom,
staff told surveyors the resident was coughing, had
white secretions coming from her mouth and had trouble
breathing. She was transferred to the local emergency
department where she died.
A coroner’s report revealed the resident had water in
her stomach and lungs and listed her cause of death as
asphyxia due to drowning.
In a separate complaint, Department investigators
learned facility staff failed to ensure residents
received nursing care to prevent the development of
pressure sores and to ensure residents with pressure
sores received appropriate treatment to promote
healing and to prevent infection.
One resident developed 16 sores during a two-month
period and had to be hospitalized for treatment. A
review of nursing notes and hospital records revealed
insufficient documentation of the resident’s pressure
sores, a discrepancy in the resident’s weight and a
failure to implement a dietician’s nutritional
Surveyors also found the facility neglected to
properly assess the same resident’s condition after
she broke her hip. Facility medication administration
records indicated the resident, who was on a pain
management program, was given medication sporadically
and did not receive any medication on at least six
days, although she was reportedly in pain.
A Department-ordered plan of correction required
facility administration to ensure proper supervision
of its residents while bathing; to re-evaluate
pressure sore prevention and treatment programs; and
to review its policies addressing resident pain
assessment and pain management.

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