Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Waterford Nursing and Rehab Fined for Failure to Supervise Patient

7445 N. Sheridan Road in Chicago.
FINED- 2003
The Waterford Nursing and Rehab was fined $5,000 for
failure to properly supervise a resident to prevent
him from leaving the facility undetected.
As part of an incident investigation, surveyors
learned a resident, who had been identified as an
elopement risk and was in need of constant monitoring,
sustained cuts and bruises after leaving the facility
The resident lived on a locked unit, which required a
code to enter the elevator but would allow someone to
exit without a code. A resident could enter the
elevator when it stopped to let someone off and then
travel to an unlocked floor.
The facility's front door did not have an alarm and
was to be monitored after 5:30 p.m. On the night of
the incident, there was only one nurse to cover the
first floor and the locked unit. Although the facility
was aware of the resident's monitoring needs, he was
left on the locked unit without a nurse.

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