Friday, October 17, 2008

Nursing Home Violation Report - Blue Island Nursing Home

2427 W 127th St., Blue Island
FINED- November 28, 2001
Blue Island Nursing Home was fined $5,000 for failure
to provide adequate supervision to prevent a resident
from leaving the facility unsupervised.
Responding to a complaint, surveyors found a
resident, who had a history of wandering, left the
facility unnoticed. The nursing home is located in a
high traffic area.
During the investigation, surveyors learned the
resident made frequent attempts to leave the facility.
Despite a history of wandering, the facility did not
revise her care plan to address the behavior. In
addition, a staff member on duty at the time the woman
left the facility said she did not hear a door alarm
sound and commented there had been problems with the
A Department-ordered plan of correction required the
facility to provide adequate supervision of residents
and to ensure all resident-accessible exterior doors
are equipped with functional alarms or constantly

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