Monday, October 20, 2008

IDPH Violation Issued to Burnham Healthcare

14500 S. Manistee in Burnham.
FINED- December 27, 2001
Burnham Healthcare was fined $5,000 for failure to
provide adequate supervision to prevent a resident
from leaving the facility unsupervised.
The resident left the facility unnoticed and was
discovered the next day during the evening rush hour
lying in the middle of a busy highway about 19 miles
from the facility. The woman, who was awake but
unresponsive, was transported to a local hospital by
paramedics and the next day taken to a mental health
The resident was listed as a "Jane Doe" for nearly
two weeks until the state Guardianship and Advocacy
Commission identified her as the missing Burnham
resident and contacted the facility.
Staff were unable to explain how the resident left
the facility unnoticed and told investigators the door
alarm system was working.
In the months prior to the incident, staff said the
resident had become restless and aggressive, but the
facility did not take any steps to address the
behavioral changes.
The Department-ordered plan of correction required
the facility to properly supervise residents; to
monitor changes in a resident's condition and treat
accordingly; and to ensure all resident-accessible
exterior doors are equipped with functional alarms or
are closely monitored.

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