Monday, October 20, 2008

Burnham Healthcare Nursing Home Fined for Violation

14500 S. Manistee in Burnham.
FINED- 2003
The Illinois Department of Public Health has fined
Burnham Healthcare $10,000 for failure to properly
assess the needs of a resident and to take the
necessary precautions to ensure her safety.
As part of an incident investigation, Department
surveyors found a resident, who had Alzheimer's
disease and was frequently confused, sustained four
fractures to her legs after getting them caught in the
side rails while attempting to get out of bed.
Staff put the resident back in bed and did not
transport her to the hospital until 45 minutes after
the incident. The emergency department nurse told
surveyors that the resident had obvious fractures and
The resident had fallen out of bed twice before this
incident, but the facility failed to remove the side
rails and to reassess the resident for the use of
alternative methods. The facility failed to follow its
own policy, which stated that a confused resident
should not have side rails but should be given a low
bed instead.
The Department-ordered plan of correction required the
facility to assess each resident for his/her need of
side rails and restraints and to write care plans
reflecting resident safety.

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