Monday, October 20, 2008

Burnham Healthcare Fined by Public Health

14500 S. Manistee in Burnham.
FINED- October 5, 2004
Burnham Healthcare was fined $5,000 for failure to
investigate an incident involving a resident who was
sexually aggressive toward another resident.
As part of an incident report investigation,
Department surveyors learned a resident reported to
the facility’s security guard he heard his roommate,
who had a history of inappropriate sexual behavior,
scuffling with a female resident. The guard went to
the room and found the resident trying to get the
woman to inappropriately touch him.
The facility did not conduct a thorough investigation
of the incident, protect the resident from further
abuse or refer the resident for medical evaluation.
The facility was aware of repeated inappropriate
sexual behaviors toward female residents and staff,
but made no effort to implement effective treatments
or monitoring to manage his behaviors.

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