Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Alden - Princeton Fined by Illinois Department of Public Health

255 W. 69th St. in Chicago.
FINED- May 1, 2002
Alden-Princeton Rehabilitation and Health Care Center
was fined $5,000 for failure to prevent a resident
from wandering away from the facility unnoticed.
After staff discovered the resident was missing, the
buildings and grounds were searched to no avail. About
30 minutes later, the resident was found unharmed by
police a couple blocks from the facility.
The resident had been able to leave the third floor,
which has an elevator with a key pad that requires a
code to operate, and pass two nurses' stations and the
receptionist's window at the front door without being
The Department-ordered plan of correction required
the facility to provide residents with adequate
supervision and to train staff on how to assess
resident risk of elopement and to identify and monitor
high-risk patients. The facility also was ordered to
ensure all exterior doors are equipped with functional
alarms or are constantly monitored.

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